1.8.2020 Poker Events Casino Go4games Hodolany August 2020

1. 8. 2020
1.8.2020 Poker Events Casino Go4games Hodolany August 2020

In August, there will be a great poker ride at Casino Go4games Hodolany! In tournaments, we will play for an overall PP of more than 9,000,000 CZK. Moreover, the competition for the yellow Mercedes-Benz A-Class continues! Sit down comfortably, we are starting …

The August programme highlight is Poker Fever Series.

Popular Poker Fever Series festival returns to Go4games Hodolany in the end of August! There will be 19 original tournaments or qualifications, nine unique trophies, high winnings and mainly lots of poker fun. The total prize pool of all tournaments is the colossal sum of 7,100,000 CZK!


There will be the Main Event with 4,800 CZK for 4,000,000 CZK, you should not miss the two million High Rollers with buy-ins of 15 and 30 thousand or much cheaper tournaments Poker Fever One Day Special or Poker Fever Masters with prize pools of hundreds of thousands.

During the festival, players of all buy-ins will have a field day. Apart from high winnings, there are also nine unique trophies.

Don’t forget, Go4games Hodolany will live poker even more than usual on 26-31 August.

You will find complete information on the greatest Olomouc poker festival of this year at Poker Fever Series website.

We still play for Mercedes-Benz A-Class at cash game tables.

In August, Joker Race for a Mercedes-Benz A-Class continues behind cash game tables too.

Do you like nice cars? All you have to do is take a seat at a Go4games cash game table and join a “Cash Games Joker Race” in which we play for the aforesaid luxurious car. Mercedes-Benz A –Class has been already parked by the casino reception waiting for its new owner. Come and have a look!

How can I join the competition for the nice yellow car? It’s easy, sit down to the cash game with blinds of 25/50 CZK or higher and you are automatically in! For each three hours played you will get a draw which you will throw into the prepared drawing drum with the assistance of the stuff.

The more draws you get, the higher is your chance to win. The competition takes place until 11 December.

Visit Cash Game Joker Race website for more information.

Two days of the week, on Mondays and Fridays at Go4games, there is a regular Cash Game Night during which you will find plenty of poker events. The hours played on your account as well as draws in the drawing drum will jump in almost by themselves.

Along with the competition for the Mercedes, there is still the Cash Game Rakeback promotional event as well in which you will get points for each hour played depending on the chosen limit and you can subsequently cash in.

The number of rewards in one month is not limited so you can get extra tens of thousands every month. For more information visit cash game rakeback website.

Popular Friday specials in August as well or lots of poker bang for the buck!

The working week is at an end. “What shall we do on Friday evening?” you ask. On three August Fridays, we have a great programme for you. Friday specials from 7pm.


There are two Bigger Friday Specials (7 and 21 August) which offer a PP of 150,000 CZK with a 1,000 CZK starting fee. The starting stack of 100,000 in chips and blind levels after 20 minutes guarantee a sufficient poker event and excellent form of distraction from occupational duties.


Poker enthusiasts will probably find Big Friday Special even more interesting. It will take place at Go4games Hodolany on Friday 14 August. With a starting fee of 500 CZK, there will be a giant PP of 100,000 CZK based on 200 entries.

An awesome value for money or buy-in / prize pool for all and it doesn’t matter if you are a complete amateur or an aspiring poker professional.

Saturday 15 August: Saturday Bigger for 500,000 CZK

Saturday Bigger, one of the most interesting tournaments of the month, will take place in Hodolany on Saturday 15 August and for 3,500 CZK it will bring a battle for at least 500,000 CZK!


Moreover, you don’t need to be sad even if a 3.500 CZK buy-in is too high for you. Two hours prior to the tournament, there will be qualification only for 300 CZK for at least five entrance tickets!

Interesting tournaments almost every day!

In August, poker tournaments are waiting for you at Go4games every day except for cash game Tuesdays. Its wide choice will satisfy both beginners and advanced players.

There is a modern air-conditioned poker room with more than 50 poker tables. Hot August will not catch us off guard.

Monday and Thursday specials regularly offer games for 800 CZK at least for 70,000 CZK, on Saturday we play for a quarter of a million within classic Saturday Special and on Wednesday there is always an extra evening – be it Ladies Night with a free entry for ladies and a competition for wellness or Go4games Omaha Event for 50,000 CZK.


Have you not tried a poker tournament at Go4games Hodolany yet? It’s high time to do so in August. Whether you are an amateur, enthusiast or professional player, Go4games Hodolany offers events for players of all categories and various bankrolls.




Ministry of Finance warns: Gambling can cause an addiction. 18+ only.

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