“CASH GAME JOKER RACE” competition for a Mercedes-Benz A-Class passenger car.

Do you enjoy poker and nice cars? What if you could win a new luxury car by playing poker? Now pay attention! We have hot news for all Cash Game players!

By playing Cash Game poker at Casino Go4games Hodolany, you can take part in the “Cash Game Joker Race” in which the main prize is a luxury Mercedes-Benz A-Class car!

What is the prize?

  • A yellow Mercedes-Benz A-Class car, which is on display at the casino reception. Come and see it, we are open 24/7!

How to participate in the competition?

  • It’s simple. Take a seat at the Cash Game No Limit Texas Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha table with mandatory bets starting at 25/50 CZK (Cash Game tables with lower mandatory bets are not included in the competition) at Casino Go4games Hodolany and play. You automatically participate in the competition by playing the first hand.
  • For every three hours played, you will receive a ticket, which you can throw into a drawing drum with the assistance of the staff.
  • You can play three hours of the game intermittently over several days, but it’s always necessary to play at least 1 hour without interruption.
  • You can collect the tickets from 23 June 2020 to 11 December 2020 without limits. The more tickets you collect, the better your chances of winning!
  • The complete rules and conditions of the “Joker Cash Game Race” event are available at Casino Go4games Hodolany, Ostravská 975/1, Olomouc from 7 pm on 23 June 2020, just ask the staff.

We will draw the winner of the car during a spectacular gala evening with Michal David!

We will draw the new owner of the car at a magnificent gala evening held on 11 December 2020, where the famous singer, composer and musician Michal David will perform.

But be careful! The winner of the car must be physically present at the draw in order to claim the prize! If the player we draw as the winner of the car is not in the room where the draw will take place, he or she loses the right to claim the prize.

So, don’t forget to note down the draw date so that you can not only enjoy the magnificent casino party, but also take over the prize if we draw your ticket!

The competition takes place at Casino Go4games Hodolany, Ostravská 975/1, 754 01 Olomouc.

The complete rules and conditions of the “Cash Game Joker Race” are available at Casino Go4games Hodolany, ask the staff.

Ministry of Finance warns: participation in gambling may lead to addiction. 18+ only.